Meeting with a Medical Expert Witness to Discuss Your Case

January 8, 2017

If you have been injured due to medical negligence, medical malpractice experts will be crucial to your case. This includes not only a medical malpractice attorney, but also at least one medical expert witness. When a medical expert witness has been selected to assist with your case, your attorney very well may schedule an appointment for you with that professional. There are a number of factors to bear in mind when preparing for a meeting with a medical expert witness.

Medical Expert Witnesses are on Your Side

Keep in mind that at a meeting, or examination, with a medical expert witness, the questioning and other elements of the session are likely to be thorough. You need to be certain to be cooperative. You must keep in mind that the medical expert witness is on your side. He or she is your advocate, according to the Canadian Bar Association.

Honesty Matters When Meeting with an Expert Witness

As is the case when you meet with your medical malpractice lawyer, honesty is important when you have a session scheduled with other medical malpractice experts. You need to provide information to an expert in an honest, comprehensive manner.

If you fudge the truth, or do not fully disclose a relevant fact, you can end up jeopardizing your case in the grand scheme of things. A medical exert retained to assist in your case can only be effective when that professional has been armed with complete, accurate information about you and your condition.

Ask Questions

When you are preparing to meet with a medical expert to discuss your case, or to be examined, make sure you fully understand the process you are entering. Discuss the upcoming meeting with your attorney. Make sure any and all questions you may have fully are answered.

Moreover, when you are meeting, or being examined, by a medical expert witness, do not by shy about asking any questions of that professional. Not only is it important for a medical expert to have a clear picture of your situation, but you must also understand what that professional is doing and intends to do in support of your medical malpractice claim.

Compensation and Medical Malpractice Experts

The ability of medical malpractice experts to make a compelling argument in support of your injuries and losses will be at the heart of your ability to make a successful claim for compensation in your case. Although other factors can come into play, the efforts of medical experts will be paramount in working towards a successful settlement or judgment in your medical malpractice case. There are plenty of resources available at the JD MD Inc blog for more information.

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