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January 3, 2013

Professional Liability Insurance for PACCC Members

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Policy Details
The Insurer: Encon Group Inc.
Master Policy No.: SRD 098836
Basis of Coverage: “Claims Made” Wording

Limit of Liability:
$2,000,000 Per Loss
$2,000,000 Per Policy Period Per Member
$8,000,000 Aggregate – For All Members

Deductible: $ 500 Per Claim
Annual Premium: $200 Per Counsellor

Underwriting Requirements
Insured Services Defined
Those services rendered by the Insured, while acting within the scope of the Insured’s duties as a Personal Counsellor and customary to that practice.

Special Conditions
Coverage will be issued based on the Insurers standard policy wording, terms and conditions subject to the following Endorsements:

Penal Defence Coverage Extension
($100,000 Per Claim Insured Per Policy Period)

Absolute Abuse and Sexual Misconduct Exclusion

Cessation of Business Extension (Previously Discovery Period Extension)
This extension is again being made available to individual Counsellors who are retiring from the profession or considering a change in career. This extends your Professional Liability Coverage to cover claims arising from counselling services provided while you were a Member of the Association.

First Year: 100% of expiring premium
Second Year: 75% of first year premium

Contact Information
For all Professional Liability Insurance related enquires please contact our General Insurance Broker:
Ruban Insurance Brokers
John J. Ruban, A.I.I.C., CCIB, CRM
Phone: 204-988-5000 Fax: 204-988-5003

Renewal applications will not be required for all members currently insured under the existing Professional Liability Insurance Program.

New Counsellors, applying for coverage, or Counsellors who have allowed their membership to lapse, are required to complete a “New Application Form”.

All application forms should be returned directly to the Association Office. The Group Policy renews June 01, however coverage may be added throughout the policy term.

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