Home Health Care: What to Look For

November 19, 2016

As more elders choose home health care over a nursing facility as they age and begin to require supervision, family members strive to hire the most qualified caregivers for their loved ones. It can be difficult finding a qualified person for this important job. The following criteria may be helpful when looking for a senior care provider.


Working with a health care agency helps to reduce the stress and effort needed to find a professional elderly caregiver. Although many families do not need to hire someone as qualified as a registered nurse, they want someone who has a home health care certification or diploma that indicates professional education and training. Agencies recruit and screen employees for this purpose, as well as often bonding and insuring their employees.


Hiring someone with experience means that the home health care provider understands the needs of elderly patients and has successfully worked in this type of position already. It is reassuring not to have to explain everything about an elderly loved one’s care and daily needs when hiring a person who knows what to do.


Obtaining employee references is helpful in determining a prospective caregiver’s competence and capabilities. It is always a good idea to contact the references with prepared questions that will help to evaluate the caregiver’s reputation and experience.

Public records.

Searching online for the employment agency or the name of the prospective caregiver may reveal interesting facts. For example, an agency like the Better Business Bureau might report complaints that have been addressed, or not. Civil criminal records are usually available to the public when searching under the appropriate municipal court dockets. Social media browsing often turns up evaluation sites for medical or health-related organizations, and Facebook may reveal personal posts, praise, or complaints about the agency or employee.


Assessing the skill of a hired caregiver can be handled in many ways. The home health care agency has presumably completed a background check on each employee, as well as checked references. Education and certifications, licenses, or diplomas should also be verified. Previous employers should be contacted to confirm employment dates and duties related to senior care. Family members should also interview a prospective caregiver to get a sense of the person’s fit for this particular position. Personality traits such as compassion and empathy may be desirable, along with punctuality, responsibility, and accountability.

Bringing a stranger into the home of an elderly person to provide daily care and monitoring can be challenging. The caregiver should be honest and trustworthy, fully able to perform the duties being assigned. Take precautions when hiring a caregiver for your loved one for the best possible outcome.

Public Resources

January 3, 2014

public resources
Code of Ethics

In PACCC’s commitment to excellence through proper ethical conduct, all members agree to abide by a written and regulated Code of Ethics. The PACCC Code of Ethics is updated every 5 years. This helps ensure current issues are considered and addressed. Our current Code was approved by the PACCC membership at its 2013 AGM in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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Ethical Complaints

PACCC has a process in place for the public and other counselling professionals who see that one of our member’s may be in breach of PACCC’s Code of Ethics. PACCC is committed to excellence in professionalism, competence, respect for clients, a faith perspective, continuing education and adhering to our ethical code of conduct.

If anyone feels that our code has been violated in any way by one of our members, please read through the below three documents and proceed accordingly.

The first is our procedure for filing formal ethical complaints… Ethical Complaints Procedure
The second is the paperwork required to file such a report…. Ethical Complaints Documents
The third document is our Code of Ethics…Code Of Ethics
If you have any questions at all, please contact our National Administrator, Ingrid Wildman, at paccc@paccc.ca.

History and Background of PACCC

The Professional Association of Canadian Christian Counsellors (PACCC) came into being through some pioneering work by Christian counsellors in Manitoba and Saskatchewan in the early 1990’s. In 1993 a group of about 15 Christian counselors met in Winnipeg to explore the possibility of establishing an association…

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Goals and Objectives

PACCC is committed to excellence in . . .

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Principles of Practice


Christian counselling can be effective in the care and cure of those persons who are experiencing inner bondage and desire freedom. (Luke 4:18-21).

Liability Insurance

January 3, 2013

Professional Liability Insurance for PACCC Members

Ruban Insurance Brokers Inc…Committed to Excellence
300 – 570 Portage Avenue,
Winnipeg, MB R3C 0G4
Ph.: (204) 988-5000
Fax: (204) 988-5003

Policy Details
The Insurer: Encon Group Inc.
Master Policy No.: SRD 098836
Basis of Coverage: “Claims Made” Wording

Limit of Liability:
$2,000,000 Per Loss
$2,000,000 Per Policy Period Per Member
$8,000,000 Aggregate – For All Members

Deductible: $ 500 Per Claim
Annual Premium: $200 Per Counsellor

Underwriting Requirements
Insured Services Defined
Those services rendered by the Insured, while acting within the scope of the Insured’s duties as a Personal Counsellor and customary to that practice.

Special Conditions
Coverage will be issued based on the Insurers standard policy wording, terms and conditions subject to the following Endorsements:

Penal Defence Coverage Extension
($100,000 Per Claim Insured Per Policy Period)

Absolute Abuse and Sexual Misconduct Exclusion

Cessation of Business Extension (Previously Discovery Period Extension)
This extension is again being made available to individual Counsellors who are retiring from the profession or considering a change in career. This extends your Professional Liability Coverage to cover claims arising from counselling services provided while you were a Member of the Association.

First Year: 100% of expiring premium
Second Year: 75% of first year premium

Contact Information
For all Professional Liability Insurance related enquires please contact our General Insurance Broker:
Ruban Insurance Brokers
John J. Ruban, A.I.I.C., CCIB, CRM
Phone: 204-988-5000 Fax: 204-988-5003

Renewal applications will not be required for all members currently insured under the existing Professional Liability Insurance Program.

New Counsellors, applying for coverage, or Counsellors who have allowed their membership to lapse, are required to complete a “New Application Form”.

All application forms should be returned directly to the Association Office. The Group Policy renews June 01, however coverage may be added throughout the policy term.