7 Reasons to Replace Your Bathtub

October 2, 2019

A bathtub is one part of your bathroom that is either loved or hated. Have an expert plumber install the new tub of your choice if you find yourself bothered by any of the following.

1. Old and Ugly

Some homeowners love a claw-foot tub, yet others hate them with a passion. Older tubs can look downright ugly and need to be replaced. Years of use can fade the sheen and make the tub seem older. Choosing a newer, contemporary design can update the overall look of your bathroom. It might be all you need to improve the space.

2. Cracked or Damaged

The type of damage visible on a tub will depend on the material type. Fiberglass and vinyl tubs are prone to cracking after a few years of use. Porcelain can get chipped or cracked along the sides. Inspect your tub thoroughly every few weeks as it begins to age.

3. Scratched and Pitted Surface

Vinyl and fiberglass tubs are easy to scratch, which leads to a roughened surface that retains dirt and soap scum. Iron and porcelain tubs can have areas that are pitted and rough to touch. It’s best to begin shopping for a replacement when the roughness of the surface is bothersome. The information on the www.caldwellplumbing.ca website may have additional insights and can provide you with further support.

4. Bad Rust Stains or Corrosion from Moisture Exposure

Not much stands out prominently on your tub more than long, wide rust stains. You can also have corrosion marks around the drain, spout, or stopper. It becomes nearly impossible to remove these stains after they take hold of the surface. It’s the perfect time to begin looking around for a great replacement.

5. Not the Right Size

Tubs too deep or shallow can be an annoyance for the homeowner. You might be stuck with one that is too cramped. You can call in a plumber and develop a gameplan to get the right size tub for you and your family.

6. Uncomfortable When Using

The interior shape of a tub has everything to do with comfort as you bathe. It’s hard to completely relax if your tub is angled in a way that’s tough on your back. Begin shopping for a tub that will fit your available space and provides you the room and comfort level you need to enjoy bath time.

7. Switching to a Different Tub Style

Are you looking for something different in tub styles? You can find quality tubs in many shapes, materials, and colors. Invest in the tub you want to maximize your bathing enjoyment.

All it takes to get a great-looking bathtub for your bathroom is to begin searching for the one you like and have it installed by a professional plumber.

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